November 4, 2022
5 Things That Makes You Dumb
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5 Things That Makes You Dumb

1. multi tasking makes u less productive: brain cannot do multitask but task switching. Not only does multitasking impair our ability to think clearly, but it also physically harms our brains. We get weary much more quickly while switching between tasks because it depletes the brain’s oxygenated glucose supply.

2. Checking your phone when you wake up brings stress:Putting yourself in a stressful scenario would be among the initial effects. Checking your phone immediately after waking up may not be a good way to start your day considering the fact that you’re being bombarded with new messages, emails, to-dos and other things that trigger a feeling of stress and anxiety. Your ability to begin the day with a clear mind is hampered by this.

Psychiatrist Dr. Nikole Benders-Hadi asserts that checking your phone as soon as you get up is more likely to make you stressed out and make you feel overwhelmed during the rest of the day.

3. Poor bedtime routine: Its equal to not having good sleep. Lack of good sleep slows thinking, hinders learning, affects judgment, focus, and decision-making, and adds to depression.

Your brain needs to sleep in order to function effectively since it is actively processing information, consolidating memories, creating connections, and purging toxins while you are asleep.

Your brain performs housekeeping while you sleep, thus depriving it of enough sleep could potentially hasten the onset of neurodegenerative illnesses. According to recent studies, a lack of sleep can cause your brain to shrink.

4. Drinking more coffee than water: According to a recent study, excessive coffee consumption may impair your intelligence. The average GPA of college students who drink one cup each day is 3.41. The average GPA of students who drink five or more drinks per day is 3.28.

More than 1,000 college students were studied, and their GPAs and daily coffee use were examined. Additionally, their grades declined as they drank more coffee.

The average GPA for non-coffee drinking students was 3.43. And the more they consumed, the lower it fell. Students with an average GPA of 3.41 got one cup every day. . . 2 cups, 3.39 . . . and 3.38 for 3 to 4 cups. So not a significant drop.

The average GPA of those who drank five or more cups each day, however, was 3.28. It represents a significant difference.

Additionally, the researchers discovered a strong correlation between students’ sleep habits and GPA. The average GPA for kids who got at least 8 hours a night was 3.48.  For students who averaged 5 hours or less, it was 3.31.

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